Nation’s Best is a holding company focused primarily on investments in hardware stores, home centers, and building material dealers.

Striving to acquire businesses that are “best in class”.

Nation’s Best started in January, 2019 by Chris Miller as a holding company focused on best in class businesses in the home improvement industry. As he traveled the country, Chris realized that many small, independent businesses are faced with succession issues, at the same time wanting to explore the best way to de-risk and eventually take “chips off the table”. With the rapid consolidation of the industry, Chris felt that being bigger is critical to the future and longevity of many independent businesses in the space. With large, national building material suppliers and public “big box” stores throughout the country, Nation’s best is a vehicle to drive similar economies of scale as a national, while keeping the brand and relationships of each independent business it invests with.

The business is driven by our values and mission, which is to treat people the way we would want to be treated. Although a simple motto, we live and act on these words daily within each of the companies within Nation’s Best. Relationships are still important and relevant in this industry, and these relationships with our customers, suppliers, and associates is what gives Nation’s Best its competitive advantage.

In addition to the benefits of a national company, Nation’s Best also believes in the sharing of best practices, consistent processes, and the use of the newest technologies in the industry. Coupling this, with the autonomy, relationships, and local brand of each business, allows them to continue growing at a far greater pace than their competition.


Chris Miller

Prior to founding Nation’s Best, Mr. Chris Miller was the Vice President of Operations in the South and Western regions at U.S. LBM, one of the largest lumber and building materials distributors in the nation. Prior to that, he was the President of Parker’s Building Supply and oversaw the growth of one of the largest, independent hardlines distributors in the United States. U.S. LBM acquired Parker’s in 2015 and Chris Miller continued to run all of the South, Southwest, and West Coast operations for U.S. LBM. Alongside Chris Miller’s successful professional career, he retains time to focus on his family, friends, and outdoor hobbies.

Nation’s Best’s unique business model

Focuses on several
dimensions ATYPICAL of an investment firm.

Nation's Best is an investment vehicle focused exclusively on pursuing control investments in the hardlines retail and distribution sector. Nation’s Best is committed to partnering with talented management teams in key geographies and niche markets, as we seek to build the premier hardlines retail and distribution business. We combine operating experience, an appreciation for local market strategies with outstanding, driven management teams to improve already successful organizations.
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    Long Term Hold Strategy
    Nation’s Best believes growing a successful business takes time. Our investors do not have a predetermined expectation of when they would like their capital back. To this extent, Nation’s Best can hold its investments indefinitely, a significant difference to other traditional, institutionally-backed strategic acquirers and private equity firms.
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    Focus on Successful Businesses with High Quality Management Teams
    Nation’s Best is focused on partnering with experienced, knowledgeable management teams. As a result, our attention and resources are spent pursuing strategic acquisitions rather than completing turnarounds of specific locations.

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