It’s simple…
Treat others the way WE want to be treated.

What does this mean?


We want to create a unique and consistent experience, each and every time a customer visits our store. We offer the “wow” factor. This consists of a friendly greeting, the most knowledgeable staff in the community, and a clean and friendly place to do business.

Nation’s Best believes in value, which is reflected in our pricing. We are the pricing leader in each market and never want to give a customer a reason to do business elsewhere. We find a way to say “yes” to our customers, and want to give them the same experience we expect when we do our own shopping.


We look at our vendor community as a critical ingredient to our success. We build strong relationships with our suppliers, which has always proven to be more productive than viewing them as just another supplier. Having these strong relationships allows for better pricing, on-time and complete delivery, and assistance in customer events. Treating our vendors as we want to be treated is at our core, and gives Nation’s Best another competitive advantage.


Possibly the most critical of the three, our associates are who drive our business forward. It is not the name on the building, but our associates who have the relationships with our customers. We strive to retain and attract our associates through continued education and training, the use of technology, and compassionate and fair management.

Nation’s Best gives each associate a career path, and sincerely wants to see each and every employee reach their goals in life. While giving our people best business practices, all associates have the autonomy to continuously improve their knowledge and processes within the company, which gives us another competitive advantage against our public peers. We are always looking for those that aren’t looking for a job but would rather make a career with our company.

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